[TR] TR2/3 hood hinges

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu Jan 17 16:29:44 MST 2013

---- Angelo Graham <agraham at execulink.com> wrote: 
> Does the hood part of the hinge orient "toe out" with respect to the 
> cowl mount or is it the other way 'round? Make sense?

The entire hinge should fit straight and parallel.

If you look at the sides of the hinge, the distance from the mounting surface to the hinge pin is larger on one side.  That side goes nearest the wing.

Leave the nuts just slightly more than finger tight while you try them the first time, so you can move things around to fit.

After rather more broken hinges that I care to recall, I also prefer to remove the studs and run a bottoming tap into the threads; then use Loctite when inserting the studs.  Some of the new hinges aren't tapped all the way to the bottom, which leaves the joint weak.  I've also gotten several sets where the stud was too long and had to be trimmed to length.


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