[TR] Carb rebuild / reaming

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I would recommend Joe C as well, NFI.

BTW, AUC768 is an older SU that was not used after the 1958 TR3.  The main
tell is the fuel connections on the float bowls.  Do you have a 'banjo'
connector for your fuel line attachment (2-way on the front and 1-way on the
rear)?   OR, are the connections made directly into the lid of the bowl?
Depending on your commission number, the correct carb for your car might be
an HS6.


Bill Beecher
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'62 TR3B TCF/2549L " Aunt B" (in rehab)
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Hi List,

Finally got the TR4 started, so it could do the 500 foot drive from street
parking to get it inside the shop.  Now the work begins!

Can anyone recommend a place to have my carbs rebuilt and rebushed?  I have
SU H6 AUC768 and they are missing a few original parts (like the AUC768
tag!) that I would like to replace.  The shafts are leaking and I'd rather
send them off than fiddle with them myself.



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