[TR] Testing OD Solenoid

suhringtr36 at comcast.net suhringtr36 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 14 20:13:19 MST 2013

After replacing the throwout beraring on my '59 TR3A, I thought I would take advantage of the transmission being exposed and trouble shoot why my OD was not working.  My question to the list is with the ignition turned on but the engine off, I can throw the OD switch and hear the solenoid click on and off, but I see no movement of the plunger.  When testing it this way, should I see any movement or is this all internal and therefore ou would only hear the engagement?

On another note, those on the list from PA, I just got my vintage plate registered for my TR3A.  Yes, PA finally woke up and now allows you to register a vintage PA plate. It must be the same year as your car and the plate cannot show up in anyone else's name.

Scott Suhring
Mechanicsburg, PA
'70 TR6
'59 TR3A

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