[TR] charging issue

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Mon Jan 14 18:53:57 MST 2013

Thanks!  I heard somewhere about a guy (possibly in New Hampshire) who
refurbishes these regulators with solid-state hardware.  Anyone know more
about this?


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9 times out of 10, the points are dirty. It's probably not the correct
material to use, but I've run a piece of 320 wet or dry between the points
with great success.



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I had posted a question about a charging issue in my newly-restored TR3.  I
thought I had made an error in converting from positive to negative ground,
but it was Randall who suggested I look elsewhere.

I had excluded the regulator, as I had tried TWO others without success, but
today I tried a FOURTH and all is well.  So Randall was right (again).....
Does this guy ever tire of all his successes ???

One final question:  I now have three regulators which aren't working:  Are
they worth fixing/re-calibrating, and if so, who would do it?

Andrew Uprichard

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