[TR] TR4 Dash Bracket (Radio)

Allen Hess allenhess at mgcarclub.com
Mon Jan 14 14:49:53 MST 2013

Mine is a '62 with black wrinkle paint and a Triumph radio.

On Jan 14, 2013, at 1:54 PM, triumphs-request at autox.team.net wrote:
> Another question for you TR4 Original Owners out there. I acquired  
> my 1962 TR4
> (CT6716LO) tin 1966 with 17000 miles. It had a Triumph radio  
> installed. The
> steel bracket that housed the radio (between the bottom of the dash  
> and the
> top of the support that straddles the gearbox cover) was covered  
> with a vinyl,
> grained similar to the grain on the dash padding. Moss has this  
> bracket in
> flat steel and suggests you can finish it to as needed.
> http://www.mossmotors.com/Shop/ViewProducts.aspx?PlateIndexID=48303
> On the other hand, British Wiring has the same shaped bracket,  
> finished in a
> black powder coated wrinkle finish "as original"
> http://www.britishwiring.com/TR4-Radio-Bracket-p/tr4rb.htm
> For you original owners out there, was your bracket wrinkle finish  
> or vinyl
> covered? (Also, did yours have a Triumph radio or not? - in case  
> that makes a
> difference)

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