Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Wed Jan 9 19:41:22 MST 2013

John, if you are doing a total restoration the cost of books shouldn't phase 
you too much, the Piggot originality guide is helpful, as is a Haynes Manual 
and a factory parts manual, if you don't want to buy a manual a Moss catalog 
is a decent substitute.  If you search around on Ebay and don't mind a 
little grubby you can get a Haynes pretty cheap, a Moss catalog is free 
(google moss motors if you haven't discovered them yet) the Piggot book 
comes in several versions that cover the 4A, they were pretty pricey for a 
while, but I thought they come out with a new version and had become more 
reasonable, E-bay and Amazon are good sources for these and other books.

Good Luck! Solid axle or IRS?

Greg Lemon

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