[TR] TR2/3 seat rails.

Angelo Graham agraham at execulink.com
Tue Jan 8 18:52:49 MST 2013

Hello List:
Trying to sort out the miscellaneous pieces I have to cobble together 
the seat rails and adjusters for my '2. I'm assuming that the TR2 and 3. 
3A seat rails are similar. Are the adjuster tracks "handed" - right or 
left? The parts that I have appear to fit only one way - on the right 
side of the seat pan.
That would make the adjustment lever adjacent to the trans tunnel on the 
driver's seat and the passenger's seat has the lever next to the door. 
Both my seats have fixed backs and I think this is correct for the '2.
Do I have the right adjuster tracks? Is the lever position correct?
Thanks for any help with this one & Happy New Year to all.
Angelo Graham

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