[TR] Hardtop drip channels

William Brewer wsb1960tr3a at att.net
Sun Jan 6 12:43:07 MST 2013

Hi John,
     If you find a source, be sure to post it to the list.
have an original hardtop. My drip rails are still usable, but the corners of
the drip rails seem to have dissolved due to some sort of cathodic reaction. I
have considered trying to make a tool (mandrel) and re-manufacture them myself
out of aluminum or stainless steel. Probably won't be happening anytime soon

     -Bill in Tehachapi

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John Gillis <JGILLIS at tcd.ie>
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Subject: [TR] Hardtop drip channels
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Does anybody know a source of
the two drip channels for the TR2/3 hardtop,
either re manufacture or used. I
had a very bad day yesterday when I decided
the best way to remove the paint
the DPO had applied to them was using an
alkaline stripper solution as I was
afraid of scratching the surface using
mechanical methods. This etched DEEP
into the aluminum rendering them useless.

John Gillis
Senior Conservator

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