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im blessed with the same obsession.
ever count the hubcaps that come off
the dodge during the chase?

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On 1/2/13 4:20 PM, John
Macartney wrote:
> Watched an excellent TV drama programme last night that had
a great plot but
> was badly let down by the cars used. Sometimes (though not
often) researchers
> really do screw things badly.
That sort of thing spoils a
movie or episode for me. There was an 
American TV series in the 1990's called
JAG.  In one episode one of the 
main characters "Harm" met his half brother
for the first time in 
Chechnya during the**second Chechen war. There was a
Russian army arms 
convoy driving Land Rover 101 trucks.  That totally
distracted me from 
the story line.  I Never knew the Russian Army had Land
Rovers in 
service. 101's seem to be a standard fill in whenever an American
company needs Eastern European military cargo trucks.  That's the one
episode that really stands out in my memory.  Just because of the 
military Land Rovers.

So am I the only one when watching the classic chase
scene in the movie 
Bullet pays attention to all the cars parked along the
streets of San 
Francisco just to see the then common, now uncommon cars
parked along 
the streets?  MGs, Triumphs big Healeys, all the VW bugs & 356


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