[TR] Returning to the "Triumphs" list

Don Hiscock don.hiscock at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 12:40:25 MST 2013

Welcome back, Creig.

I expect you'll soon be up to your ears in TRs...  Maybe not so many
TR250s, though.  They're pretty hot and not getting any less popular
these days.  I still think about my very first car, a TR250, with fond


On 1/2/13, Creig Houghtaling <creig555 at live.com> wrote:
> Hello Triumph list members,
> I have been away from this list for several years.  I've been hanging out
> on
> the wedge list since that is what I have been playing with mostly.  But I
> have
> come back to this list because I have a friend who is looking for a TR to
> restore.  He has been checking every Craigslist and Ebay listing he can
> find
> within about 500 miles of St. Louis MO.  He has found several cars, but
> hasn't
> found the one he wants yet.  So I figured I could get him on this list and
> perhaps someone on this list might know of something he might be interested
> in.  I think he likes the TR250 best, then the TR4.  Then maybe the TR6 or
> TR3.  He enjoyed restoring a TR3 many years ago.  Now he has time & money,
> and
> the desire to do another car.
> This is my first posting since signing up this morning.  If this is
> working,
> I'll get my friend to sign on as soon as he can so he can talk to everyone
> directly.
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