[TR] TR3 Gear Shift Lever

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Tue Jan 1 19:41:00 MST 2013

Which way does the spring/plunger face? or does it make a difference.


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Carl, the spring goes in the hole in the gear stick and the plunger goes in
next. The idea is that the spring keeps the plunger engaged in the gate and
stops the rattle.

The easiest way to install this is to take a plastic wire tie and place it
around the bottom of the gearstick so that it compresses the spring and
holds the plunger in place in the hole. It takes a bit of finesse to get it
all balanced.

Then you place the gearstick into position and give it a sharp smack with
your hand. The end will drop into the gate, the plunger and spring will
remain where they should and you can lift away the wire tie.


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I went digging in my boxes.  Found spring 37502 and plunger 112424. 
Now - all I need is to figure out how they go together.  
Anyone know?

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Tampa, Florida

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