[TR] Millimeters

Allen Hess allenhess at mgcarclub.com
Tue Dec 31 07:42:10 MST 2013

Google will be happy to translate. 2.5mm = 0.098 inch and if you can't  
visualize that, Google's initial search returns 2.5mm audio jacks;  
mini stereo plug. Rimmer's sizes are the standard thickness plus .005  
inch, .010 inch etc. I know little if anything about TR6 but 1/10 inch  
is way too much and the thrust washer may already be gone. Standard  
thickness on a TR4 thrust washer is 0.092 inch total and the max. end  
play is .007".

On Dec 30, 2013, at 10:15 PM, triumphs-request at autox.team.net wrote:

> Pushed back in the
> measurement was 25.2mm.  According to my math,,,the difference is  
> 2,5mm   How
> bad/good is that?  I have fretted over this day for fifteen years.   
> I recently
> received EVERY SIZE thrust washer sold by Rimmer Bros.  I have a  
> pair called
> "Standard", whatever that is.  The next size says +5, the next reads  
> +10 and
> the last pair reads +15.  Any clues about what those translate into?

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