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Irv Korey emanteno at comcast.net
Mon Dec 30 12:11:12 MST 2013

On Mon, Dec 30, 2013 at 8:34 AM, Jeff <fishplate at charter.net> wrote:

> I've decided this is the season to replace the convertible top on my 75
> TR6.  The last 38 years have about taken their toll, and I can no longer
> stretch it enough to fasten it.
> TRF has a 20% off sale going on right now...but there are three choices of
> material.  As little as I actually use the top, it won't get much exposure,
> but as I do want to be able to drive on days other than absolutely perfect
> and predictable, I need a top I can count on.
> Will the minimum Robbins top do?  (with stripes and zips, of course)


After reading excellent reviews over the years of Robbins tops, I finally
replaced the original top on my TR6 with a Robbins top this past summer.
The Robbins top is beautifully made, it fits great and looks great on my
TR6. BUT, IMO there is a design flaw. The "pillow" that acts as a seal
between the trailing edge of the door glass and the top is located about
1/2" too far rearward. As a result, the door glass barely contacts the
sealing surface and sealing in that area is poor, as I discovered on my way
to 6-Pack TRials in September. When I got to TRials, I looked over every
other TR6 there. Of the 60+ TR6's, only a handful did not have that issue,
and those cars without the issue did not have Robbins tops. If your car is
going to be out in the weather infrequently, then it should not be a
problem for you. I have attached a pic of my car which shows the problem.
The list will strip the attachment from the other subscribers, but you will
be able to see what I feel is the flaw. HTH.

Irv Korey
74 TR6 CF22767U original owner
Highland Park, IL

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