[TR] Wire Wheels

Bob Labuz yellowtr at adelphia.net
Mon Dec 30 06:11:32 MST 2013


I have painted Daytons on my 63 4. So far they have worked out very 
well. The car had the original Dunlop wheels but they were in terrible 
shape. All the loose spokes I tried to repair were frozen. So when a set 
came up on Ebay, I jumped. Fitted 165/15 Cooper black walls. But alas, 
the Coopers are NLA.

I used the Harbor freight setup to mount the tires. Also fitted tubes 
sourced from Moss.

I believe I just finished my 8th season and so far no loss of air.

I also have heard on this list that the painted steel spokes are 
stronger than the SS version. Not sure about the chrome version. Most 
likely same as the painted.

It is my opinion that wire wheels look best on a 4 of all the Triumphs.

I have the stock wheels on my 58 3 and Super Lite silvers on my 72 6. 
Quite a nice contrast when they are all together.


On 12/29/2013 08:00 PM, James Henningsen wrote:
> I am deciding on whether to put new chrome wires on my TR4 rebuild project.
> I want to go tubeless and wondered what the experiences of the list were
> from Dayton or Dunlop wheels. Also, do you need a specialty shop to mount
> the tires on these?  Since my 4 is an early one, I am also considering the
> wide white walls as on the original postcard photo and dread going to the
> local tire shop to have mounted.  I can just see a black streak on the white
> walls from their machine.  Haven't had wires before so appreciate any
> feedback.  Just pulled the rear axle out and leaf springs for a redo.
> Cheers,
> Jim Henningsen
> Ocala, FL
> 62 TR4 x2
> 75 TR6

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