[TR] Drum Brake Questions

William Brewer wsb1960tr3a at att.net
Wed Dec 25 18:48:11 MST 2013

     So I just checked the brake pedal and it won't depress at all. It is like
the master cylinder won't budge. I cracked open the discharge line from the MC
and bled out a few drops. The brakes are still all locked and I can't push the
     If the cylinders were leaking then it would be bleeding down, which
it is not. Maybe it is because the shoes are hot and swollen so there is
nothing for it to push against.

     The Renown has the same brakes as an
MGTF. To re-do the brakes with all new repro components is about $500 if you
do it all yourself. I am having the carb rebuilt and the front seat
reupholstered in leather. I have the engine out of the TR3 and am repainting a
door and fender on the TR6. My wife is not amused, not even at Christmas.


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RE: [TR] Drum Brake Questions

>      I am trying to avoid taking on another
project. Can this brake
> problem be anything other than needing to put in new
> wheel cylinders and
> shoes? I keep backing off on the adjusters, but
that is not 
> working so far.

Sure sounds to me like the return valve in the
MC is not opening (or possibly the residual pressure valve).  Next time it
try loosening the fitting at the MC and let a few drops of fluid out
(onto a rag or something).  If the brakes release, then it's
clearly a MC

Could be as simple as adjusting the pedal linkage or stop; or
possibly a binding pedal pivot.


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