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Carl TR cfmtr3a at verizon.net
Mon Dec 23 07:41:15 MST 2013

I can recommend Metal Refinishing (owner's name is Jhoda) in Tampa;
http://www.floridametalrefinishing.com/index.htm 	Had a bunch of
little bits done last month, handbrake handle, gearshift, mirror surroundx2,
grab handle.   I think the handbrake was $125 which would be about the same
size as a badge bar.   

Also Spacecoast Plating in Melbourne.  http://www.spacecoast-plating.com/
Had large items done several years (2005) ago.  Bumper, over-riders,
windshield frame, stanchions.  Still looked like new when I finally
installed them this past fall.  Can't remember pricing but I am sure it is
different now.

I have heard good things about Exotic Chrome in Kissimmee
http://www.exotichrome.com/ but have not used them.  Someone in the Central
FL Triumph Club may know more http://cftriumph.tripod.com/ .

1960 Triumph TR3A - TS81802LO
Tampa, FL

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Any recommendations on a good company to use to rechrome a valve cover and
badge bar?


Jim Henningsen

Ocala, FL

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