[TR] Synthetic gear oil

marty trmarty at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 22 17:21:41 MST 2013

Switched over to MT90 myself years ago per Redlines recommendations. I'm sold
on it also.


> Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2013 15:55:57 -0600
> To: triumphs at autox.team.net
> From: tony at tonydrews.com
> Subject: Re: [TR] Synthetic gear oil
> I've had a long series of e-mail conversations with Steve Yott who
> knows more about our trannies than most of us have forgotten. He did
> some testing where he had a window into the gearbox to see what was
> happening. One think I wasn't aware of is that different lubricants
> "foam up" more than others. He strongly recommends the Redline MT90
> - it foams less and is compatible with the synchros and
> overdrive. When the lubricant foams up it doesn't lubricate as well.
> So, another vote for Redline MT90. As infrequently as the lubricant
> gets changed in the tranny, the ~$15 per quart is cheap insurance.

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