[TR] More help needed

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Dec 16 22:44:52 MST 2013

> noting that the fluid that 
> remained before
> filling was nearly black.  I know that right there means 
> something, but I
> forget what.

Frequently, it means that the fluid you are using is not compatible with the seals.  While changing (or just rebuilding) the MC &
slave, be sure to flush the nasty black stuff out with brake solvent or methanol, then refill with either Castrol brand or DOT 5.

> Brit 
> mechanic tells me
> that if they are worn out-and in the oil pan it means the 
> crankshaft needs
> grinding/resurfacing and that just replacing thrust washers 
> would be futile.  

Most often, the block will need some attention as well.

> Haven't done the crank movement 
> test yet,,,,,I'm
> old, can only take so much B.S. a day.  So,,,,opinions??

Do the test.  Most likely, it will be just fine.  Repeat every year or two, until you get a feel for how fast the washers are
wearing.  They can be really badly worn before they fall out, so no need to test more often than that.  Not that big a deal to
change them, as long as the engine wasn't run without one of them.

> I can do it, what I 
> already did wasn't a
> big deal but,,,,opinions?  

If you are pleased with the result, then it's that easy.  I always seem to wind up with orange peel, or fish eyes, or some damn
thing, (last time, a horde of gnats were irresistibly attracted to the wet paint) so I just take mine to One Day Paint and let them
deal with it.

> I just want the damned thing to be drivable RELIABLY!  

Seems to me that the best path to reliability is to drive it on a regular basis.  Fix whatever breaks and drive it some more.  

These cars were never particularly reliable (by today's standards) even when new.  So, even if you get it perfectly restored, it
will still break from time to time.  It helps if you accept that as "normal".


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