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All this talk about garage openers has become viral.  Tonight when I got
home mine was doing the exact thing.  But this is the first cold night we've
had so it figures.


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I will also suggest that the plastic gears may be trashed. Mine was  
wonky for a few days and then didn't work at all. Search the internet  
and you will find the replacement gear kits are plentiful.

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> Dave, i just went through this, with similar symptoms. If adjusting  
> theforce/limit screws doesn't help, remove the rear cover if you  
> can . I found that the plastic(!) drive gears in mine were  
> essentially devoid of teeth.
> Hope it's just an adjustment in your case.
> Tom
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>> anyone know anything about garage door openers?
>> mine works some of the time.
>> the rest of the time it opens maybe 6 inches and stops.  hit it  
>> again then it
>> closes.  if I pull the release I can open the door no problem.

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