[TR] Gearbox Woes

Bob 75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org
Mon Dec 2 18:17:51 MST 2013

I'm going on 6 years with the HVDA conversion with an '83 Celica tranny and 
love it. The clutch feel is great..... not too heavy or too light and you 
can adjust the amount of throw and take up point.........within certain 
parameters. It's a true drop in kit with no mods needed. You can see my 
installation here http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/5Speed.htm


Bob Danielson

1975 TR6 modified with:
-Throttle Body Injection
-Toyota 5 Speed
-Nissan Differential
-AAW Wire Harness
-CVJs... and more

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From: James Henningsen
Sent: Monday, December 02, 2013 7:08 PM
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Subject: [TR] Gearbox Woes

My J-type in the TR6 is grinding above 4000 rpm in second and third.  I had
the German syncros put in to fix the problem, but it didn't.  It is getting
near impossible to find folks to rebuild without shipping.  Considering the
HVDA conversion with an 82-85 Celica gearbox.  My question is how satisfied
are folks who have done this conversion and how is the pedal feel with the
hydraulic throw-out bearing?


Jim Henningsen

Ocala FL

62 TR4

75 TR6

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