[TR] Stupid question

thenicholls at verizon.net thenicholls at verizon.net
Sun Dec 1 19:11:04 MST 2013

 My wife calls me a "tool" sometimes, now I know what she means.

And TeriAnn, don't worry, I drive the TR all winter, whenever I can, wherever I can.  One thing about our cars, they do not like not being driven.

On 12/01/13, Greg Lemon<glemon at neb.rr.com> wrote:
" Innovation? It is just the male need to obtain more tools. A simple 
siphon and empty gas can would have gotten it out without having to go
 out and buy more tools. Guys and their tools!



Actually I have a grabber tool, but I don't have a siphon, I better head 
down to Harbor Freight get one tomorrow, Thanks for the tip TeriAnn......

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