[TR] 2000 Sedan for sale in San Diego

Brian Induni 308gtsi at roadrunner.com
Tue Apr 30 14:19:28 MDT 2013

I actually stumbled across this car when I visited the dealership that has
it. I went in looking at all the other great cars they have, and the sales
person (can't recall his name) asked if I like Triumphs. "Of course!" was my
answer. He took me to look at this car, and I was not very impressed. First
off, it's a Triumph 2000, a 4 door sedan family car. On top of that, the
floors were rusted through, along with a few spots on the top of the bonnet.
The interior is shot too. He said that he just got the car running, but I
didn't witness it. It did look complete though, so if you were to take on a
restoration of this sort, you'd have a pretty good basis to start with from
a parts standpoint. But parts is about what I thought it was worth, IMHO.


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