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Thanks for the authoritative response.  I will archive it properly.



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flywheelcoventry1 at yahoo.co.uk writes: 
> I can't comment on block colours post 1972 for any car out of 
> Standard-Triumph but from 1946 until that date, they were (mainly) black. Exceptions 
> were on the small 4 cylinder which for a while were painted in gold. This 
> was the famous Gold Star engine that appeared in about 1957 on the Standard 
> Eight and Ten saloons. Gold continued for a while on the valve covers of the 
> same engine until the company was eventually able to get out from under 
> the paint contract it had signed with Pinchin and Johnson for later models of 
> the Ferguson tractor which was sold in Grey with a gold engine block and 
> skidded unit. The company was obliged to run with the contract for some 
> years after the tractor business was sold to Massey Harris. All that to one 
> side, factory reconditioned engines that were offered to the UK and European 
> dealer network and done by Beans Industries (a group company) were painted a 
> 'yucky' blue that wasn't too dis-similar from Ford Blue. I greatly doubt 
> any of this engines ever got to your side of the pond as their release was 
> entirely dependent on good usable core units being available to rebuild. 
> AFAIK, Stag and Slant 4 engines were all black with silver valve/cam covers.

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