[TR] Oddball TR3 Hard Top Part

Carl TR cfmtr3a at verizon.net
Mon Apr 29 00:31:00 MDT 2013

HT1 is the kit that contains all of the hardware that fits a hardtop on a
TR3.   This piece does not look like any in my package that I purchased
about 3 years ago.   It does look familiar but I cannot place it.  

1961 Triumph TR3A - TS81802LO
Tampa, FL

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     Looking through a box of unused TR3 parts I found this bracket that I
bought from TRF. No idea where it goes. I tried looking up the part number
on TRF's site and couldn't find anything like it. I've got mislabeled parts
in the past from both Moss and TRF. Maybe this if for something else. 

Supposedly it goes to the TR3 hardtop.

Anyone know what this is and where it's used?

     Bill in

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