[TR] LED Dash Lamps in TR3

Carl TR cfmtr3a at verizon.net
Mon Apr 29 00:22:15 MDT 2013

Thanks to Jim at Litezupp.com  I have switched the extremely weak dash
lamps in my TR3 to LEDs.

See photos at
http://s1001.photobucket.com/user/cfmtr3a/slideshow/Dash%20Lamps (10 picture

The first image is the dash taken in time exposure for 6 seconds.  If you
look real close you can see the Tach.

The next few images show how I had to modify the center panel location to
accommodate the deeper LED lamps (about = longer).

The tach & speedo are direct fit.

The next to the last shows the Tach with LED installed and the rest

Finally, the finished job.  NOTE: I broke one of the lamps (they are very
fragile  Jim is working on that) in the Tach (it was one of the center
panel lamps, but I moved it to the tach for ease of replacement.  Also, the
plastic lamp window on the fuel gauge (upper right) is very dirty.  Ill
need to clean it up before I say the job is completely done.

They are so much brighter, that I will probably create a dash panel bottom
to contain the reflection into the floor board area  Although, if I had a
radio, it would provide light to it.

I believe these lamps are the first positive ground dash lamps available for
the early british cars.  Kudos to Jim and LiteZupp for this mod to the


1961 Triumph TR3A  TS81802LO

 <http://mysite.verizon.net/cfmtr3a/> http://mysite.verizon.net/cfmtr3a/

Tampa, FL

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