[TR] Sticking throttle TR6 Strombergs

Tom Note tom628 at verizon.net
Sun Apr 28 16:41:27 MDT 2013

Alan, if you un-link the 2 carbs can you manually close the sticking carb 
while the engine is running? If so, does it close easily, or feel like it's 
scraping the throat ?

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>I have a problem with the throttle sticking open on the front carb with the
> car running.
> I recently rebuilt these carbs and the throttle shows no indication of
> sticking when the car is not running.
> I took the carb off the car and the butterfly does not stick, as I thought
> it might have been out of position.
> I even sanded the insulator in case it was interfering.
> Put it back on the car, but did not hook up the linkage, movement is good.
> Start the car without hooking up the linkage, move the throttle and it
> hangs up.
> I am going to pull it off again and take a look at the throttle shaft.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Al
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