[TR] TR3A....7" versus 5 1/2" driving lights

Perry Hammock perryfly at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 14:00:01 MDT 2013

for a number of reasons, including covering up some very minor body damage,
i am going to install
driving lights on my 1960 tr3A. I have a set of NOS Lucas driving and fog
lights in the smaller 5 1/2 inch size.
I have wiring and relays already installed, thanks to advice from Randall
some time back.
Luckily the lights werent on the car when the doofus in teh jacked up
pickup basked into my car ( but ever so slightly)
it would be a bit more cosmetically helpful to use 7" lights. Birthday is
here, so the 7" lights would make a good present  ;-)

Car is a ten footer, driven often and fast. Do not want to start
shipwrights disease project because the whole body would need to be redone.
Just want to drive, not get into body work at this time. Will save the
insurance check for the total resoration when I find a perfect body.

Any comments about which looks/fits/works better?


Perry HAmmock
60 tr3a

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