[TR] TR6 oil pressure line leak 74

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 I was really thinking you were better off until I heard you lost an engine.

I got off easy.....Craig
On 04/23/13, Mark Hooper<mhooper at indiefilmnet.com> wrote:
I too had a disastrous fail of the line on an old engine. Stuck in hot summer traffic jam idling with low pressure, did not notice that the gauge had stopped reading as all the engine oil drained on the road through the broken end of the pipe. When the traffic cleared, I took off down the highway. Completely seized the camshaft about 1 km later. Stuck on side of highway for several hours in 95 degree sun. End of engine, end of date, end of girlfriend. 

I really really hate that tube. My solution was to convert to an electric oil pressure gauge. First a cheapy unit from Canadian Tire and then a nice Smiths part from gaugeguys a few years later when slightly lessened poverty permitted.

1972 TR6

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If it was me, I would not try and repair it. I had a catastrophic failure of that plastic line at the gauge and oil poured into the car, through my radio, and onto my $600 carpet from TRF.

Based on my sad tale, TSI imports made a stainless steel replacement.

TSI-TR250 , 3991 , TR250/TR6 Oil pressure gauge line.

They are located on the web: http://www.tsimportedautomotive.com/ .

I tried to get a free one but that did not work out. :)

72 Triumph TR6
On 04/22/13, morgan<morganthedog at twcny.rr.com> wrote:
The hard plastic oil gauge line leaks near the engine connection. I wanted to
remove the last 2 inches and put the barb fitting back in. No way it will fit.
Heat made it too soft too fast. What is the secret?

Jim Fuller

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