[TR] Coolant Sediment Removal

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Pete,Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to start by cleaning with
Costco's version of simple green and then try vinegar. Depending on the
effectiveness I will probably try CLR for the final step. Thanks again.

--John Henard

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I just used simple green on my dodge truck eve valve and cooler.  Two to one
mix (water to cleaner) let sit overnight and it came out like New.  Never used
it before, am pleasantly surprised.

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Subject: [TR] Coolant Sediment Removal
Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 12:33 pm

Morning Lists,

Anyone have recommendations for removal of scale/sediments for small piping,
intake manifold, t-stat housing etc. when they are off the car?

Vinegar soak is the most common treatment I have read. Suggestions?

I have had the radiator boiled by a rad shop but had other parts off while
doing some repairs. It is for a '71 Spit that did not have regular flushes
(yes - shame on me).

Thanks for the help,

--John Henard

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