[TR] TR6 oil pressure line leak 74

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Mon Apr 22 19:14:24 MDT 2013


If it was me, I would not try and repair it.  I had a catastrophic failure of that plastic line at the gauge and oil poured into the car, through my radio, and onto my $600 carpet from TRF.

Based on my sad tale, TSI imports made a stainless steel replacement.

TSI-TR250 , 3991 , TR250/TR6 Oil pressure gauge line.

They are located on the web:  http://www.tsimportedautomotive.com/ .

I tried to get a free one but that did not work out.  :)

72 Triumph TR6
On 04/22/13, morgan<morganthedog at twcny.rr.com> wrote:
The hard plastic oil gauge line leaks near the engine connection. I wanted to
remove the last 2 inches and put the barb fitting back in. No way it will fit.
Heat made it too soft too fast. What is the secret?

Jim Fuller

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