[TR] Moss "Classic Seat" for the TR6

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I will have to pick your brain in the future. BTW, I _love_ your website! I will be getting the Goodparts CV joint half shafts this year, and I will be using your article in depth. 

I will check out your miata seat info. One issue, is I really don't want to sit much higher. I already have to duck my head to see a traffic light when the top is up andmI am first in line . 


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Not so on the Miata brackets with regard to drilling holes in the floor. 
Order the brackets made by Rick Patton 
(http://www.pattonmachine.com/Miata-Brackets.htm) and once the brackets are 
mounted to the floor and properly aligned, you can install/remove the seats 
in 5 minutes. Everything bolts up to the stock TR6 mounting holes. 

I was in Florida last week and stopped by to visit Mr. Mike of Miata seat 
cover fame. He and I frequently work together on my custom interior panel 
kits and his seat covers. 

I love my Miata seats! 


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> Dave, I had considered Miata seats. They do seem to require a 
> mounting frame and extra holes in the floor pan. I have not seen any seats 
> that are in good shape and have the right color (black, preferably white 
> piping). But this is a good suggestion if I can find the right seats. 

There are at least two different adapter brackets out there, that won't 
require you to drill holes in the TR4A. 

Check out Mr. Mikes for new covers: 


They are pretty easy to install, and you can get black with white piping 

A few of pages regarding installation in a TR6: 





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