[TR] Gas tak breather

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Sun Apr 21 14:41:06 MDT 2013

Randall et al,
Just checked what I believe to be an original gas cap on my '61 TR3A.   The 
cap is out and disassembled for rechroming.  There is no vent hole on  the 
inner plate nor anywhere else that I can find.  Just an FYI ... there  are 
apparently a number of versions out there.
>> Your gas cap has a hole in it?  Must not  be  stock.  

> Every TR3 cap that I have had, had a hole that  appeared to be original.
> Including the one kindly sent to me by a lister  after the original got
> stolen on my previous TR3A.  Not through the  chrome part, obviously, but 
> inner plate that actually covers the  opening to the tank.
> http://goo.gl/y5uCn

> And I've been  blocking off the tank vent since about 1975, when I noticed
> that it  dumped raw fuel onto the road when turning left with a full tank.
> No  apparent ill effects, even running at full throttle for extended 
>  of time.

> Randall

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