[TR] starter motor?

Geo Hahn ahwahneetr at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 11:55:46 MDT 2013

You might measure the voltage of the battery as it is cranking the engine
-- that can tell you a bit more about it's condition.

12V after charging is a bit low and, in any case, doesn't say much.

The auto parts places can load test your battery.  I wouldn't start taking
things apart until I was sure the battery was sound.


On Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 10:34 AM, Dave <dave at ranteer.com> wrote:

> I have 3 batteries, and they are ALL heavy!!!!!
> one came with this car, acquired a few weeks ago, dated 11/11.  after
> charging, my multi meter said it had 12? volts?  donb t remember exactly.
> second battery is one Ib ve had for a few years, but worked in another car
> a
> couple months ago.  charged it all night.
> third battery is out of my honda.  die hard, probably a couple years old,
> no
> issues that I can ever remember.
> the first one turned the engine over, no plugs, as if the battery was very
> weak.
> the second turned the engine over, plugs in, as if the battery was very
> weak.
> third one turned the engine over, plugs in, as if the battery was very
> weak.
> after hoisting so many batteries in and out, I am very weak.
> Ib m thinking itb s a starter motor?  should get it tested/rebuilt?  could
> it just be a bad ground?  I should get down there and clean all the
> contacts?
> most lights work as does the horn.  ammeter looks like it works.
> no history of the car.  was told it ran when parked (didnb t they all???),
> was told it had been in storage many years; car was restored at some
> point, is
> rust free as far as I can tell, but very dirty just from sitting.  TR3B
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