[TR] British Car Upholstery Sale

Len Drake lendrake at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 8 14:53:23 MDT 2013

Hi Folks -  Moss' annual Upholstery Sale started last  week and runs through
to May 3rd.  This is the sale that many of you have been waiting for.  Drakes
British Motors will be honoring the sale prices offered by Moss to our
Canadian customers.    To come up with our Canadian price we do the currency
conversion (2% this week) then add 6% to the US sale prices which helps to
cover freight, brokerage and taxes to get the product into our hands.  I'm not
aware of any other Canadian supplier that even honors the Moss Motors sale,  I
think they must like the price reductions so they can put some more coin in
their pockets.

This sale covers seat kits, carpet sets, panel kits, tops, tonneaus, boot
covers, some steering wheels, shift knobs and side curtains, so if the timing
is right for you, we have some incredible savings to pass on to you.  As most
of you probably realize, we adjust our prices every Monday morning to bring
them into line with any currency changes.  This means that you will
continually get your best prices on all your British parts requirements from
Drakes.  If you would like a quote on any upholstery item, just send us an
email and we will get back to you immediately.  You can get all of the sale
prices at www.mossmotors.com   We suggest that you order early, as many of
these items will sell out quickly, and later orders may end up backordered.

Here are just a few samples of the sale pricing:

    #244-315    MGB Carpet Set                 US Reg. Price is $ 234.95.
Your cost $ 213.80 Cdn.

    #641-120 MGB 1962-67 seat kit           US Reg. Price is $344.95.    Your
cost $302.35 Cdn.
    #639-380 TR4A-TR6 carpet set           US Reg. Price is $289.95.    Your
cost $266.75 Cdn.
    #489-070 14" wood steering wheel    US Reg. Price is $289.95.   Your cost
$235.40 Cdn.
    #642-640    73-76 TR6 Black Seat Kit  US Reg. Price is $ 584.95.  Your
cost $ 537.80 Cdn.
    #640-120    TR6 black Vinyl Top           US Reg. Price is $ 369.95.  Your
cost $ 303.45 Cdn.
    #246-270    MGA Panel Kit Blk/White   US Reg. Price is $ 314.95.  Your
cost $ 272.15 Cdn.
    #242-655    MGB 71-80 Vinyl Top          US Reg. Price is $309.95.   Your
cost $285.10 Cdn.

We really appreciate the support of our customers from across Canada, and will
continually strive to earn your business.


Len & Scott Drake
Drakes British Motors Inc.
phone 250-763-0883
fax      250-861-8051

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