[TR] Paint overspray

Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Tue Apr 16 21:22:20 MDT 2013

Here are is an answer, but with some "ifs" and assumptions, if the car was 
painted with a urethane enamel, and if the overspray is indeed from a simple 
rattle can enamel or lacquer the overspray should polish of with some light 
polishing compound pretty easily, as the stuff you are polishing off is much 
softer than the base coat on the car.  If the car looks good I assume the 
overspray is the same color? or maybe a clearcoat?

Even if the overspray is urethane enamel as well it should polish off pretty 
easily (will take some time and elbow grease but should not be difficult). 
Anyway, unless it is something nasty hard like por13 or an epoxy primer it 
should not be a big deal to polish the overspray off, however, without 
knowing exactly what you are polishing it is hard to say for absolutely 

Greg Lemon

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