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Two young girls came by and one said to the other, "Nell, I want to know what these Scots wear under their kilts"!
Her friend was enthusiastic, too, and so they pulled up the lads kilt.
After admiring the length and breadth, one girl playfully tied a hair ribbon around the member, and the girls laughed about it on the way home.
In the morning, the young scotsman awoke and with a sore head went to relieve himself.
As he stood behind a bush he was startled to find the ribbon!
"Lad, I don't know where ye've been, but you've won first prize!"

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Scotsman clad in kilt left the bar one evening fair
And one could tell by the way he walked that he drunk more than his share
He fumbled round until he cold no longer keep his feet
Then he stumbled off into the grass to sleep beside the street.


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> Ah just got doon fra' the Isles o' Skye, Ah'm no' very big an' ah'm awfu' 
> shy, an' the lassies say, when I go by, "Donald, where's yer troosers?"

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