[TR] H6 or HS6?

Loumetelko at aol.com Loumetelko at aol.com
Mon Apr 8 12:33:45 MDT 2013

I should  know this, but does the stamp AUG878F imply H6 or HS6?  Thanks!
Andrew  Uprichard

Visually there is much difference between the H6 and the HS6.  The H6  was 
used on all of the side screen cars as well the early versions of the  TR4.  
Later 4s and early 4As had the Stromberg CD-175.  With the  introduction of 
the 4A came the longer and slightly curved intake.  When  Triumph wanted to 
fit the H6 (at approximately CT or CTC62000) on the 4A, they  found that 
the longer intake resulted in the air cleaner banging against the  right inner 
All that said the visual difference is the length of the distance between  
the butterfly and the air cleaner.  The HS6 was only used on the later 4As  
with, I guess the S standing for "short" throat.
Lou Metelko
Auburn, Indiana

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