[TR] Thoughts on steel vs copper gas lines

ptegler ptegler at verizon.net
Thu Apr 4 19:27:09 MDT 2013

I'd stick with steel under a car these days.
Copper dents way to easy. Hit a couple stones/road slag dent the pipe and it 
reduces fuel flow.
I personally used coated brake lines as fuel lines. I just cut the ends off 
where I'm using a flex hose, and or screw connections to join stock ends 
when longer runs are needed.

Paul Tegler
ptegler at verizon.net

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> List,
> I can't believe I am getting close to completion on my TR4A finally after 
> 12
> years but here I am!
> One of the things I need to do is run a gas line from the fuel pump to the
> carbs and the short piece from the fuel pump to the line going back to the
> tank (about a foot I guess). I am thinking I should use a steel line as it
> will be less likely to crack. On the other hand, I can remember on the old
> cars (1920's) that my dad and I restored back in the day (1960's) all the 
> gas
> lines were copper. I know, they didn't have seat belts either but that's
> another story.
> Anyway, steel or copper? I know it will be harder to bend but I think it 
> will
> be safer. Also, what dia. should I use for the steel vacuum line from the 
> carb
> to the distributor?
> I am also considering installing a shut off valve between the pipe from 
> the
> tank and the fuel pump, (maybe right on the pump) for the long winter nap 
> so
> gas doesn't leak anywhere.
> Hoping to receive my wire harness soon,
> Dave Connitt
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