[TR] The good, the bad, the ??

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Thu Apr 4 08:09:28 MDT 2013

The list's email format is perfect for me.  My only problem is searching the
archives, headers and emails don't alway match up.

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On Apr 4, 2013, at 7:02 AM, Dave1massey at cs.com wrote:

I like the consistency.  As they say in my neck of the woods, "Don't change


In a message dated 4/3/2013 4:57:15 PM Central Daylight Time,
mark at bradakis.com writes:
> But I want to make sure that folks feel they are getting something of
> value.
> What do you like about the current Team.Net setup?  What would you like to
> see changed, added, reworked?  Comments, complaints, feel free to
> pontificate.

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