[TR] panel lights on TR3

Dave1massey at cs.com Dave1massey at cs.com
Tue Apr 2 06:12:39 MDT 2013

Boy, all the descriptions sound like there is a current limiting device in 
there (other than the fuse) but that is just crazy talk.  But it sounds like 
something is overheating with sufficient current but if the current is 
reduced below the threshold all is well.  Do they ALL flash in unison or just 
one or a few?

Your starter problem may be one of the two following things.  The TR3 
Starters The bendix extends by riding out on some reverse acme threads.  It 
counts on inertia to spin more slowly than the motor to do so.  If there is 
insufficient lubrication (grease) the friction will be greater than the force 
resulting from the inertia and the bendix will not deploy properly.  I had this 
issue on a 65 MGB and applying grease made it work like new again.

The other problem is that your (and my) starter has a rubber coupler in the 
bendix.  If the bond between the rubber and metal parts fails the motor 
will spin and the rubber/metal interface will slip and the engine will not 
turn.  I have a starter on the shelf in the garage with this special feature.  
You may need a bendix.  Does it spin as if totally unloaded for does it turn 
as loaded but still will not turn over the engine?


In a message dated 4/2/2013 3:08:20 AM Central Daylight Time, 
cfmtr3a at verizon.net writes: 
> I am now thoroughly flummoxed ...  found two relatively new lamp holders 
> and
> re-did all of the wiring - making sure solder and fittings were tight.  
> Same
> thing happens.  When 5 are in the panel or instruments - all is ok.  Plug 
> in
> the sixth and it flickers.  Doesn't matter which location.   To make sure 
> I
> had a good ground I added a ground line from the center panel to both the
> speedo &tach.  (the dash is powder coated).   So - out they all came 
> again.
> On the bench, I hooked up jumpers to all - the same thing happens.  Also
> tried it bypassing the fuse holder.  Re-checked all of the holders and 
> none
> have any broken insulation; the bulbs sit squarely on the connections;
> Really getting frustrating....   I put them back in and will leave one 
> tach
> lamp out for now.  I need to keep up the forward progress.  
> The other issue now is that the starter just whirs.   I took it out 
> sometime
> ago and got the bendix working but now it seems to be stuck again.  Any
> suggestions so that I don't have to pull that *&^%(*)^ out again. 

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