[TR] TR6 lower outer rear valance panel

David Soknacki soknacki at soknacki.com
Mon Apr 1 14:12:16 MDT 2013

Fm    David Soknacki
	74 TR6 CF22072U
Hi list!
1. Does anyone know where I can get a TR6 *lower* outer rear valance panel?
It's the section from the bumper downwards, as it curves back under the
2. In my search for a replacement, the parts suppliers I've checked offer
the full outer valance panel. But I was hoping that someone has fabricated
just the lower outer panel as a separate part since it is the section
usually attacked by rust.

3. By the way, I asked about making the part just by itself, but because of
its complex shape, I've been given a quote at about the same cost as a full
outer panel.

Thanks so much.

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