[TR] A BMW Triumph??

John Macartney flywheelcoventry1 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 29 18:35:38 MST 2012

Why is it that when journalists start writing about BMW and how it disposed of
Rover Group companies, they usually get  some or all of what they're writing
about, either back to front and/or wrong. For heavens sake, if you're going to
write sometime for public consumption, why not amaze everyone and get your
facts right! Where was Jaguar in that woffle and MG wasn't sold by BMW to the
Chinese. That happened more than five years after BMW had left the scene when
Rover was finally broken up. I saw a report in a paper a few weeks ago where
the correspondent stated Land Rover had sold Ford! Too much like the auto
history lessons according to that plonker called Clarkson.
But does it really
matter? Sells papers, magazines and banal TV programmes, I suppose. 
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A BMW Triumph??

>Join the crowd.  Never figured Tork would outlive him.
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>I know that it's been discussed before - but...
>Just saw
this on AOL news - along with the sad news that Davy Jones passed
>Just reminds me of how old I'm getting....
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