[TR] TR3's at London Airport

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The cars photographed at Heathrow are all part of the consignment for the 1957
event and identified as such by their special tax-free licence plates.
were a number of tours of this type undertaken by visiting US citizens ( a
total of four, I think) but they were abandoned in the late 1950's. Mainly,
this was because they required a phenomenal amount of organisation and
although the car users met many of the costs themselves, there were many
additional costs met by the company. These events were sponsored by and run by
the company, so it wasn't just a question of handing over the cars and sending
their owners off into the wide blue yonder. These events were essentially PR
exercises (Jaguar, Sunbeam, MG and AH did them too) and at the end of it all,
the manufacturers all agreed they could no longer afford to justify running
them. As far as this related to Standard-Triumph, the two following years ('58
and '59) were financial disasters so these trips were abandoned purely on cost
grounds. Two years later, with Leyland Motors running the show and imposing
many draconian (but necessary) cost
 controls, the idea died for ever.

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>i have a  DVD
entitled "Triumphs across America".
>footage  shows video of a
>group of
Americans who purchased their cars and then flew to the UK to take
possession. possession was taken at the airport.
>after collecting their
they where treated to a lunch at Sir Johns estate and then on to other
>festivities and tours. when the tours where over the factory shipped their
>cars to the US for final possession.
>the photo shown looks very much like
>footage i see in the video.
>i cant zoom and tell but if anyone can see
if they
>are left hand driver, then it would probably be the same event.
>important to any one ill watch the video again soon and get the exact
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>Wow, R&T is good
>could they really project 10 years ahead that all of those TR3's would
run the
>1967 Rally?
>---- pethier at comcast.net wrote: 
>> I am told by someone
who did
>not post to the list that:
>> ===========
>> The photo is taken from
the October
>1957 Road and Track coverage of  
>> the 1967 Triumph Rally of
Europe .. Same
>photo smaller appears in the  
>> SCCA newsletter "Sports Car"
July Aug 1957
>also with extensive  
>> coverage on the event.
>> ===========
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