[TR] Fwd: Internal Bonnet Release System for TR3/A/B?

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Sun Dec 23 18:41:20 MST 2012

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Subj: Re: [TR] Internal Bonnet Release  System for TR3/A/B?

I  remember the guy who had the whole front apron tilt  out, I think it  was
feature in the Moss magazine, yes, that looked  like a lot of  work.  
I was just looking for a bonnet  release system that  might be similar to 
was found on the TR2  & TR4.


On my early TR2 having suffered through  the agony of synchronizing the two 
forward releases plus the  paranoia of a break in of the main cable, I must 
ask  why subject  yourself through that agony?  The two Dzus fasteners on 
bonnet is  the best and by far the simplest method.

Lou Metelko
Auburn,  Indiana

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