[TR] TR3 Drop Arm position

Wbeech wbeech at flash.net
Sun Dec 23 12:57:11 MST 2012

Reinstalling the steering box on the TR3B and want to have the drop arm in
the correct 3 degree offset with the wheels straight.  In the Bentley's they
say offset to the left and show a diagram from a RHD car.  So my question is
do I offset to the right for my LHD car?  This would have been more simply
put if that had said pointing to the "inboard" or "outboard".

Many thanks and a Merry Christmas to all.


Bill Beecher
'58 TR3A TS/30766L "Tarbaby"
'62 TR3B TCF/2549L " Aunt B" (in rehab)
'68 Land Rover Series IIa 88" "The Beast"
"If you think you have everything under control... You're driving too slow"

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