[TR] Exhaust question

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Fri Dec 21 08:13:34 MST 2012

I have the Moss straight pipe for TR2s on my TR3A, love the louder exhaust
note, and the aluminum extension from TRF.  I did have to cut four slots
about 1.5" deep at the attachment end in order to bring it down to size so
the stock wire clamp would secure it. 

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Has anyone on the list had reason to install a Moss exhaust on a TR3
recently?  All goes together pretty well, but the tailpipe extension seems
WAY to big compared with the end of the resonator.  And there's no way it
can be tightened with the recommended clamp.  I hate to start cutting it,


If anyone has "been there, done that", please let me know.  Thanks!

Andrew Uprichard

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