[TR] Earls Court demolition planned

Dave1massey at cs.com Dave1massey at cs.com
Fri Dec 21 07:38:53 MST 2012

Let's see, 7500 luxury flats on the 77 acre site.  That's almost 100 flats 
per acre.  Sounds like high density housing to me.

Oh, well.  Nostalgia doesn't pay well these days.


In a message dated 12/21/2012 7:22:06 AM Central Standard Time, 
don.hiscock at gmail.com writes: 
> The traditional home of the British Motor Show, the site where most of 
> our
> cars were premiered, is planned to be torn down.  A group is working to
> save the venue.
> http://www.classicandsportscar.com/news/general-classic-car-news/enthusiast
> s-campaign-to-save-earls-court-from-the-wrecking-ball

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