[TR] rewiring a TR3

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Sorry - It actually goes to the overdrive switch.  The heater switch has
green on one side (to fuse box) and black on the other (to the heater). 
I looked at the diagram in the garage and by the time I came in the house I
crossed the wires in my mind.  

Again my apologies

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According to my diagram there is a white wire that goes from the ignition
switch to the amp gauge and another one that goes to the heater switch so it
sounds like you are on the right track.

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I should probably know this, but as part of the center dash cluster wires, I
have a single white wire.  It is not the wire for the ignition switch nor
light.  Any suggestions?  Could it be a live feed for the heater rheostat?
I would have thought that should be a green (post-fuse) wire, but I have run
out of wires from  the loom and that is the only switch left remaining.

Bear in mind that I am reusing an old harness which had undergone
"modifications" in the past.  It's great fun guessing what  wire should be
used for each indication when several have been spliced and replaced with
teh wrong colors !!

Andrew Uprichard

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