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Interesting. That was definitely a late, after-the-fact change since the
national speed limit of 55 was enacted either in the Fall of 1973 or
slightly later if I remember correctly. Connecticut had a state limit of 50
MPH for a while as I travelled to college in the Fall of '73 and the new,
national limit was a month or two later I think.

Alex Thomson

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At the time that the weight was added to the tail shaft of the
transmissions, the normal speed limit was 55 in the US. At a constant 55 the
shifter of the TR4 would "buzz". This resulted in a lot of complaints. The
solution was to hang a weight from the Transmission. This changed the RPM of
the harmonics from 55 to another spot. It was still there but not in a spot
where one drove at a constant speed. There was a engineering bullention
issued on it. Was retrofitted at the dealer if the customer complained.

Dean Tetterton

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