[TR] tr-3 w/s washers?

Dixie4 dixie4.wales at virgin.net
Thu Dec 13 23:25:24 MST 2012

In UK screen washers were not fitted as standard on most cars until the late 
Sixties and if I remember correctly not law to have them fitted until the 
Seventies. Having said that many aftermarket kits were fitted by dealers and 
owners alike using the simple mechanical push pump action type. Electrically 
operated ones were only to be found on top end cars.
It would appear from your description that your TR3 has had some form of 
aftermarket kit fitted at sometime. They certainly would not come as 
standard when the car was new. I would highly recommend replacing them even 
if you are in a 'Dry' State. At least you would fill the 3/8" holes with 
something useful.

Adrian TR4A CT64306 O
Wales, UK.
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>I have two small holes (maybe 3/8th inch) in my cowl in front of the
> windshield; each one not far from the wiper attachment.  I can't figure 
> out
> why.  They look like they would be used for a washer attachment but no 
> washer
> was ever attached to my car.  I can't remember seeing washers on a tr-3
> before.
> Anyone ideas or experiences?
> gary n.
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